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Date of birth

: June 10th 1972


: Male


: Indonesian

Present address

: Jl. Bunga Sedap Malam VIIIB No 33 Medan, Indonesia


: (+62) 82161054043


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NIP/ID Number


Areas of Specialization

Green Houese Gases, Global Warming, Sustainable Energy Technologies and Policies, Heat Transfer, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Hidropower, Bioenergy), Chiller and Air Conditioning, Optimization of Thermal System, Vapor Compression Cycle, Adsorption Cycle, Organic Rankine Cylce, Heat Recovery, and Drying Technology.

Educational background

  •  Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Muroran Institute of Technology, JAPAN (April 2007-December 2009)  
  •  Doctor of Engineering Production and Information System Engineering, Muroran Institute of Technology, JAPAN (April 2004-March 2007)
  •  Magister Teknik (a master degree), Mechanical Engineering, ITB, Bandung, INDONESIA (August 1998-June 2001)
  •  Sarjana Teknik (undergraduate degree), Mechanical Engineering, USU, Medan, INDONESIA (July 1991-September 1997)

Selected Papers and Conferences

Selected Papers

  1. Himsar Ambarita, S.F. Dina, F.H. Napitupulu, and H. Kawai"Study on Effectiveness of Continuous Solar Dryer integrated with Desiccant Thermal Storage for Drying Cocoa", Cases Studies in Thermal Engineering 5 (2015) 32-40.
  2. Himsar AMBARITA, M. DAIMARUYA, H. FUJIKI, H. KAWAI, and H. KOBAYASHI, and M. OKA, "Crack Propagation and Remaining Life Assessment of Coke Drums Due to Thermal Stresses", Journal of Thermal Stress 35 (12), 2012 pp. 1095-1107.
  3. Himsar AMBARITA, M. DAIMARUYA, and H. FUJIKI, Numerical Study on Characteristics of Stress Distributions of W-Shaped Tubular Bellows, Accepted for publication in Mem. Muroran Inst. Tech, 2012.

Selected Conferences

  1. M. Daimaruya, H. Fujiki, and Himsar AMBARITA, "Impact Extractive Fracture of Jointed steel Plates of a Bolted Joint", 10th International DYMAT Conference, September 2nd-7th, 2012, Freiburg GERMANY.    
  2. Himsar AMBARITA, " Design and Testing a Water Heater to Recover the Waste Heat from Condenser of Split Type Air Conditioner", International Conference Friendly City 3 Special Session on Sustainable Energy, November 16-17, 2011, Medan, INDONESIA. 
  3. Himsar AMBARITA and Masaki OKA, “Effects of hot feed Injection time on thermal fatigue life of shell-to-skirt junction area of coke drum”, ASME PVP 2010 conference, July 18-20, 2010 Bellevue (Seattle), Washington, USA.




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